Friday, November 04, 2005

Weekly Caption Contest

Your Caption Contest is Ajar
(Source - Reuters)

Top Entries
5. Liberte! Egalite! Arsonite - Charles Austin
4. "There was much less violence when Mr. Hitler visited Paris. At least he was grateful we gave up without a fight." - BC
3. "That'll teach her to want to drive. Long live Sha'ria law!" - Pam
2. Although originally hailed as a great innovation, the "spontaneous combustion" feature on the new Renault never really caught on. - Buckley Williams
1. (tie) I can hear you, the world hears you and the people who burnt these cars will hear all of us surrendering soon!" - Damian G
1. (tie) I see Billy Joel got his license back again, temporarily - Rodney Dill

Bottom o'Barrel - Your LeCar is LeToast - The Man

Photoshop Entries

- The Man

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