Friday, November 18, 2005

A Sneak Attack

Michael Jordan, Shaq, and now Guadalupe Elias have a brand of sneakers.

A legal immigrant to this country, Brooklyn artist Judi Werthein, developed a shoe for people trying to cross the boarder from Mexico illegally. For $215 you can purchase the hottest shoe on either side of the Mexican border, The "Brinco" (which means "jump" in Spanish). If you don't have $215 to spend on shoes, you can go to Tijuana, where the designer hands them out to illegal immigrants for free.

Features of "The Brinco"
-Removable insole, with a map of the Tijuana area including the best route
to San Diego
compass and flashlight
-A packet of Tylenol

-Aztec eagle on the heel, American eagle on the toe

The Brinco is made in China, where workers are paid less than $42 a month. That makes me want to ask the designer why she chose not make the shoes in Mexico, which would provide employment and a boost to the Mexican economy instead of China's.

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