Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Pujols Named NL MVP...Finally

The National League's MVP has gone to a steroid-abusing prima donna (Barry Bonds) every year since 2001. Finally in 2005, the award goes to a legitimate player. Albert Pujols is the 2005 NL MVP.

Albert Pujols is an amazing baseball player. Someday I'll tell stories to youngsters about how I went to sleep and missed Pujols The Great's 2-out 9th inning game-winning bomb against the Astros in the 2005 NLCS. And there will be many more Pujols moments as his young career continues, much to the dismay of NL pitchers everywhere. Chew on this fact, Pujols is only 25, which makes him the youngest NL MVP since Ryne Sandberg in 1984.

Here's how Pujols matched up against the rest of the NL. Click here for his career stats.
Runs Scored (129 - 1st)
Batting Average (.330 - 2nd)
RBIs (117 - 2nd)
On-base %(.430 - 2nd)
Total Bases (360 - 2nd)
Home Runs (41-3rd)
Hits (195 - 4th)