Friday, November 04, 2005

Phone Photo Phriday: Part 1

My new phone takes picture, plays games, and even makes the occasional phone call. I have decided to start up a weekly post of pictures taken from my phone, typically around New York City.

I felt the best way to kick off my photo-blogging is to snap my all-time favorite building, The Chrysler Building.

Completed in 1930, it has been competing against the Empire State Building in the New York skyline for nearly 75 years. The art deco building is made to look like a Chrysler of the period, complete with wings and lots of chrome. At the time of its construction, it was the largest in the world at a height of 1,046 feet. Even the building's stairways and basement levels keep to the art deco feel. I pulled a "Pee-wee Hermanesq 'Basement of the Alamo'" when I called the building and asked about touring the observation deck for a romantic date, there's no obersvation deck at The Chrysler Building. Dooh!

Another part of this weekly segment is where I post other people's pictures. Here's a couple of shots of a Fernando Ferrer "rally" outside the mayoral debates this week. These were taken and submitted by fellow blogger RFTR. I'm sure glad those gates were up for "crowd control".

If you have some New York pics you would like to share, email me and I'll love to include them on upcoming Phone Photo Phridays.