Monday, November 21, 2005

NY City Council Strikes Again...and Again

New York City happens to be a perfect political case study for what happens when one party is given too much rope to play with. The New York City Council currently has 3 Republicans, 1 Working Families Party member, and 47 Democrats. You can probably see where this is going.

By far, the worst member of the NY City Council is none other than Charles "I ♥ Castro" Barron. Currently, the city council is debating on letting non-citizens have the right to vote. While everyone has opinions on this matter, Barron let his racist tongue speak for himself. Barron quipped "White men just have too much power. They just don't want to give up on power." This is the same bigot who once stated that he needed to slap the "closest white person . . . just for my mental health".

From taking on Karl Rove, ignoring citizen's votes on limiting term limits, overruling the Campaign Finance Board allowing unions to donate more money to them, to having taxpayers fund campaign literature, this body is so slimy that I feel the need to wash my hands after typing this.

(Hat Tip - Urban Elephants)