Tuesday, November 29, 2005

New Precision Guided Humor Assignment: My Pet Moonbat

Write a review of Cindy Sheehan's new book.

How ironic, The Alliance chose to pick on Cindy Sheehan's new book for the latest Precision Guided Humor Assignment. I'm sure the righties will blast her as an unpatriotic loon. Not me, I was chosen by the publisher (Tab Noom Publishing) to review the book and provide quotes for marketing purposes.

I found the book, Not One More Mother's Child quite entertaining. From it's start, the author really speaks to her followers on a level they can understand. I took the liberty of scanning in a few chapters from the book. Click on the image to the left for a larger view.

By the way, here are the quotes I provided for marketing the book:
"If I needed 175 pages of anti-everything screed, I would have bought today's NY Times"

"This book has more anti-war clichés than a Michael Moore bowel movement"

"Did the proofreader for this book break out of a methadone clinic?