Monday, November 14, 2005

New Jersey Needs A Slogan

In October, I wrote about how New Jersey spent $260,000 to come up with the lamest slogan, ever. The slogan, "New Jersey: We Will Win You Over" did not sit well with me or acting governor Richard Codey.

Governor Codey issued a Call to Action for people to submit ideas for free, so I have listed the top entries collected from my post. Vote for the slogan that you think would be best for New Jersey or write in your idea for the perfect slogan. The winning entry will be put on a t-shirt or thong and placed on my Cafepress shop.

New Jersey: We Will Win You Over

Which slogan should New Jersey Adopt?

New Jersey: It's like New York without Hillary Clinton!

New Jersey: Better than Old Jersey

New Jersey: The Garden of Eden, without all that good stuff.

New Jersey: Where Kevin Smith used to live.

New Jersey: Only half the state smells funky!

New Jersey: The only state named after a kind of cow

New Jersey: Sure, our governor may have given his unqualified gay lover a high-salaried position instead of looking out for homeland security, but ... uh, I forgot where I was going with this.

New Jersey: Everywhere you didn't want to be

New Jersey: Please ignore our plague-infested lab rats

Vacation in New Jersey: Savor the Irony.

Visit Newark: Just don't stop

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