Thursday, November 03, 2005

Make Your Own Political Ad

Fernando Ferrer has put out a group of ads called "Salsa", where New Yorkers dance in public, by a radio. So far, they even have one with Al Sharpton. Look at tubby go!

Today, I got an email from Fernando asking his tens of followers to create their own Salsa ad and email it to the campaign to post on their website.

I'm also asking all of my friends and supporters to film their own "Salsa" ads and email them to me so we can post them on our website....Please help show New York how inspired we are by our message of building one New York by emailing your own "Salsa" ad to:
I hope mine (above) makes the cut, that chicken suit was hot. If you want, email me your Ferrer ad and I will add it to this website. Keep it clean.

(linked on otb)