Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Macgyver/Bauer 2008

As 2008 draws near, you'll see all sorts of candidates from both sides of the aisle stumble over each other to position themselves for a run at the White House.

Only one candidate knows the best route to Washington DC and he can get there with a toothbrush, some WD-40, and a pencil sharpener. According to the Macgyver 2008 site, only one man knows how important both a houseboat and a Swiss Army knife are to America and that man is Angus Macgyver.

Macgyver Solutions
Iraq: a roll of toilet paper, a piece of coal and a bit of string
Osama Bin Laden: piece of chalk and an onion

While Macgyver has yet to name a running mate, I think one choice stands out above all others? Not Pete Thornton or Mr. T, but someone who has worked well with current and previous Presidents, Jack Bauer.

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