Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Losers of the world unite!

The Democrats need an issue, unfortunately for our service members, that issue happens to be "pulling a France" and giving up on Iraq sometime before the 2006 elections. Except for a few members who refuse to eat some of Howard Dean's Salami or drink from Kerry's Kool-Aid, the rest of the DNC would rather see Iraq fall into Civil War than to face the prospect of being out of power after the 2006 elections.

This leads me to an email (below) I got from on his latest fundraising scheme. I could hardly get past the first paragraph without laughing out loud. The author cites four "democratic leaders" who are influencing the debate about America's future in Iraq. Those 4 "democratic leaders": John Kerry, John Edwards, Tom Daschle, and Patrick Leahy.

I believe America has spoken and 3/4ths of your "democratic leaders" were losers in the 2004 election. Two (John Edwards and Tom Daschle) have a better shot of becoming starting quarterback for the New York Jets than molding America's future in Iraq. That's a good thing for both Iraq and our soldiers, but not Chad Pennington.

I think the GOP should reply with an email about Gary Bauer, Lamar Alexander, and Doug Forrester's efforts to thwart Global Warming.

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