Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Jets Drive Fans to Violence

The New York Jets suck.

Now their suckiness is driving Jet fans to violence. Shawn Hundley and Thomas J. Conwell were some of the hundreds of fans who turned out for the Sunday night loss to the (2-8) New Orleans Saints. Both men entered the men's room wearing Jets jerseys, Conwell in a John Abraham jersey, while Hundley had his Chad Pennington jersey on. While taking care of business in the men's room, Conwell started taunting Hundley for choosing to wear the injury-prone Pennington jersey. Once outside the bathroom, Conwell stabbed Hundley in his face, neck and ears. A third man, Henry Finnila, tried to break up the fight and ended up with stab wounds to the neck and head. Chad Pennington was not injured in the melee.

George Zoffinger, president of the New Jersey Sports and Exposition Authority, is blaming the Jets 2-9 record for this incident and eight other cases where police were brought in during the last game. Zoffinger claims that, because of the Jets pathetic season, a "gargantuan" number of season tickets holders are giving away their tickets to people who would not normally be at the games.

Even the folks at nyjets.com have given up, listing the wrong score for Sunday night's game. The Jets actually lost 21-19.

(Source - North Jersey.com)
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