Thursday, November 10, 2005

I'm a Joker

Aaron over at Aaron's CC is having a little fun with playing cards, creating a Deck O'Bloggers. While I was once placed in a deck of Simpson's UNO cards by mistake (above), I think this would be a great chance to put my face on a respective card in Aaron's deck.

I would like to grace a Joker. (Do Jokers have suits? If so: Diamonds or Spades)
Why: Because this site refuses to take anything seriously; My take on stories like Harriet Miers, Me Being Called a Liberal, Rovian Conspiracy Theories, and Jack Bauer are jokes, unlike drama queens on the internet like Matt Drudge.

Voting Dates
November 14: Spades
November 15: Diamonds

Get over to Aaron's and vote for me (The Man - GOP and the City) On one of the dates above. Post a comment (include name and/or website) and let me know that you voted for me and I'll incorporate you in a future post. Sure, I'm bribing people to vote for me, go ahead...indict me.