Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Hands Down, Worst Ad Ever

First we had Howard Dean's desire to "hide the salami" with Harriet Miers, then came CBS Newsman John Roberts and his "sloppy seconds" remark, and now the Fernando Ferrer hand-jive commercial. If politics get any seedier, I will need to start charging readers by the hour and advertise in the back pages of the Village Voice.

This ad, put out by Democrat Fernando Ferrer's team of one-legged political morons, is lame and a little sick. To think a legitimate candidate for mayor of New York City, would ok this ad makes me relieved that he's down by 28 points. Watch the ad, about half-way in Bloomberg rubs the president's private region. Bush's legs kick up, and he gets a grin on his face as Bloomberg's hands go up-and-down. I am not the only pundit to notice this; Scott at Urban Elephants also posted about the smutty ad, Ben over at The Politicker has also touched on it, as has Azi over at The Fifth Estate. Even Wonkette notices the act.

The NY Post has also chimed in, calling the spot the "horseplay ad". Ferrer is quoted as saying "I think those guys at The Post need to get their minds out of the gutter." But I want Mr. Ferrer to check and see if to date, the NY Post has ever produced an ad with a mayor sitting on the President's lap giving him a rub down.

The Ferrer team has yet to air the ad on television; TV sales executives told the Post that Ferrer has not asked to run the spot yet, the Ferrer campaign claims the ad is expected to run tomorrow. For the kid's sake, I hope not during Teletubbies. "Mommy what's Bloomy doing to Bushie"....