Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Good News From Iraq: It's Ba'ath Time

Coalition Forces nabbed themselves another bad guy. The leader of the New New Ba’ath Party, Hamid Sharki, was apprehended during a patrol on November 9th.

Sharki was also a member of the Old Ba'ath Party and is suspected of leading insurgent activities in the Diyala Province. So the New Ba'ath Party terrorizes and preys on innocent Iraqi citizens, much like the old one. Which brings me to a critical question: What is the difference from the Old Ba'ath Party and the New Ba'ath Party? Anyone want to take on that question?

The capture of Sharki will hopefully provide information on the whereabouts of one Abd-al-Baqi al-Sa’adun who's suspected of helping with financing and recruitment of foreign terrorists in Iraq. There's a $1,000,000 bounty on Sa’adun's head. But, if the money is not enough, I'll throw in a sweet t-shirt (right) from my Cafepress site for free to the soldier, Iraqi, or Democrat who brings him in. Alive, good; dead, still good.

(Source - Centcom)