Saturday, November 05, 2005

Gone Polling

The Politicker is reporting the upcoming NYC mayoral poll numbers from NY1/Newsday.

60-28 ~ Bloomberg trounces Ferrer

The NY1/Newsday poll had some other interesting results:
Most likely voters (58%) think the outcome of this election will not be due to the fact that Ferrer did not have $100 million to spend. Only among Ferrer voters is there a majority (68%) who think that if Ferrer had $100 to spend on his campaign, it would alter the outcome of this year’s mayoral race.
In hypothetical match-ups, Ferrer's 32 point deficit is not that bad. Bloomberg destroys a match-up with former Democratic mayor David Dinkins by 40 points (67%-27%). The only group that would choose Dinkins over Bloomberg are African-Americans (55%). Mayor Bloomberg even beats former mayor Rudy Giuliani by 20 points.

Could this landslide victory lead to a future Bloomberg campaign for a higher office? If so, which one? Congress, Senate, or President?