Friday, November 04, 2005

Former Mayoral Candidate Arrested

Christopher Brodeur, who ran as a democrat in the New York mayoral primaries, was charged for aggravated harassment and resisting arrest after making threats against columnist and blogger, Ben Smith. Smith writes for the New York Observer and posts on their blog, The Politicker. Brodeur, made calls to Smith and threatened to shoot him in the face and then "smash your skull in with a baseball bat." Earlier, Brodeur found himself in trouble after making 1,300 "obscenity-laced and threatening" phone calls to Mayor Mike Bloomberg's office, which is only 1,000 more than Fernando Ferrer has made.

I wrote about Brodeur's campaign, but knew little about his political history. For Tennesseans, he's like John Jay Hooker, the ever-running candidate who's around for political pundits to make fun of year after year. Brodeur even commented on my post here, but saved the death-threats for Ben. His campaign centered around "100 innovations" that included moving the Yankees to New Jersey, having bathroom doors open outward, and legalizing prostitution. I thought he was joking and didn't know about his homicidal side at the time I wrote that post.