Monday, November 07, 2005

Farewell Busch Stadium (1966-2005)

Busch Stadium in St. Louis is being demolished this week, after 39 years she's getting "old" as baseball stadiums go. The Cardinals will play at the new Busch Stadium next door, which is designed to look old. I was in St. Louis a few months ago and went by the stadiums one night. It was sad to see the new stadium waiting there for the season to end and the old Busch to come down.

The year is 1985, I'm only 10. My Grandfather has tickets to the St. Louis Cardinals against the Montreal Expos. You know, I don't remember what I ate for lunch yesterday, but I remember walking through the tunnel 20 years ago and gazing at the neon green Astroturf of Busch Stadium. I remember how large it was and all the little red-clad people on the opposite side of the stadium were so small. The Cards lost 6-5.

I also remember the last time I got to St. Louis to watch my redbirds in action. I went with my friend Dane to a game against the LA Dodgers on September 9, 2001. The Cards won 8-1. Since then I have caught the Cards in Atlanta, twice in Yankee Stadium, and twice more at Shea. None of those games even comes close to sitting with 50,000 screaming Cardinal fans in the best baseball city in America.

So long old pal. Your seats were uncomfortable; the air inside you was hot and did not circulate. Your sightlines were not great but the memories were.

You can check out the farewell to Busch on the Cardinals website.
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