Friday, November 04, 2005

Evil Glenn's Musical

New Filthy Lie Assignment: Evil Glenn Does Broadway

The latest filthy lie assignment notes that Evil Glenn has a book, a column, and I hear he even has a moderately successful blog. The Alliance thinks Glenn will soon spread his web of influence onto Broadway. They want to know what will Evil Glenn's Broadway musical be about.

This is a trick question because Evil Glenn has already put out one play, my cheap parents took me to see it a number of years ago. Growing up, my parents were always getting me knockoff brands while my friends always got the good stuff. You see, I never had Transformers; I had to play with Go-bots. My friends had N64s; I had Dreamcast. They got Coke and Twinkies; I got Shasta and Goo-Goo Clusters. Everyone saw Cats; I was taken to Evil Glenn's knockoff called Puppies.

The play was really lame; the whole thing was just Glenn talking about other plays in short segments. He would say something like "John says that Les Miserables is a good play even though it's about the French, Heh" or "More from The Phantom". Even the Playbill contained write-ups about other shows. Then there were the ads on the side of the stage, lame I tell you.

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