Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Did Someone Call for a Man-Date?

I slept well last night, never put a trashcan on my head.

Democrats won races in New Jersey and Virginia, so what? They are races that the Democrats were already favored to win anyway. Corzine's lead in New Jersey was well over the 10 points he eventually won by. Someone will have to help me with Virginia politics, since I don't care who the governor of Virginia is regardless of party. Personally, I'm just glad that I don't have to see another negative attack ad from New Jersey.

Over the next few days months, the media will drone on about "Bush-factors" and "shifting tides" in these two elections. I will even bet $25 that I get an email from John Kerry claiming a huge victory, a blow to Bush and his cabal crony conservatives, and a beg for money.

Update (3pm) - Guess what? An Email from John Kerry:
We can't depend on George W. Bush finally seeing the light. And we surely can't rely on Dick Cheney finally telling the truth. We can't even count on Karl Rove seeing big Democratic victories in the 2005 elections as a sign that Americans want a clear strategy in Iraq, not just more slash and burn Republican staged events that aim to mislead.

Wake me up in 2006.

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