Thursday, November 03, 2005

Be More Like Mike

When Democratic mayoral candidate Fernando Ferrer is not putting out R-rated ads that mock our President and the mayor, he's complaining about the money his opponent, Republican Mayor Bloomberg has at his disposal. At the last debate, Ferrer even stated "...And you could do the city a big favor sometimes by putting your checkbook away". In a city that is 5-1 Democratic, Ferrer has only one person to blame for his lack of funds.

Mayor Bloomberg is a businessman, and as you can tell Bloomberg is a very successful businessman. If Bloomberg stopped doing business when a competitor asked him to, he'd be a broke businessman really quick. Likewise, Bloomberg is doing so well because he has not let go of Ferrer's neck and will not let go until he comes away with one of the most lop-sided election wins in New York history. Bloomberg treated this campaign as a business; he got his message out, advertised, and beat his competition.

Democrats and some media types are pointing out the gross difference in advertising spending as a major issue. In a city that is 5-1 Democratic, how is it Bloomberg's fault that Ferrer cannot dip into the pockets of the base? Where's their outrage across the Hudson River in New Jersey? The Democratic candidates for Bergen County freeholder have outspent the GOP by more twice the spending gap Ferrer finds himself in? Should the Bergen County Democrats stop running ads and "put away their checkbook"?