Thursday, October 27, 2005

Worst Commute of the Year Award

The award goes to the passengers on this morning's NJ Transit's Northeast Corridor line on their way to Penn Station (NYC).

On the way to Penn Station
1) The "express" train engineer gets sick and stops the train at the Edison train station.
2) Passengers have to wait at Edison until a replacement foreman arrives to drive the train.
3) From inside the Dunkin Donuts at the Edison train station, someone calls police about a suspicious package on the train.
4) Passengers are removed and placed on a train to New Brunswick to continue on to Penn Station.
5) At New Brunswick, a narrow passageway caused a woman to fall and hit her head on the tracks. Medical crews were called to respond.
6) There was nothing suspicious found on the original train.

If you plan on riding NJ Transit, make sure to visit the "Guide to riding a train".