Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Vikings Rape, Pillage

Irony: a form of expression in which an implicit meaning is concealed or contradicted by the explicit meaning of the expression. Irony involves the perception that things are not what they are said to be or what they seem (wikipedia)

The Minnesota Vikings NFL team chartered a couple of boats for a team-building event. In a twist of irony, the cruise came on the heels of a team retreat dedicated to discussing "code of conduct". Did somebody take notes?

Police were called 40 minutes into the cruise on allegations that the Viking boats had turned into an floating orgy. Some of the boat's crew feared for their lives as the marauding Vikings came onto them and offered cash for sex. The police broke up the event before the Vikings could raid a nearby village and burn down the monastery.

One crew member said, "Vikings were absolutely participating. This was not a passive event for them. It was outrageous.". What do you expect, they're Vikings?

(Source - Star Tribune)