Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Terror Warning Email Update

New York Terror Email Timeline
10/4/2005 -
I was forwarded an email that lays out threats against some key subway stations (one was my station). You can view the entire email by clicking here. As you can see, it was making its rounds on 10/3. I forwarded this email to several Bloggers in New York and elsewhere. I also forwarded a copy to Snopes.
10/6/05 - Mayor Bloomberg announces the terror warning from a raid in Iraq, I post the email.
10/13/05 - NY Daily News posts "Rich Got Terror Tip", tries to create a class-conspiracy theory.
10/14/05 - NY Post identifies the authors of two warning emails. I state my theory, the guys created the emails as a hoax and were "victims of coincidence".
10/18/05 - Daily News reports that the email "tipsters" have their security clearance stripped

The two federal employees behind the information in the tipsters email have been identified and stripped of their security clearance, one works as a member of Homeland Security's Transportation Safety Administration. I think my original theory of a hoax still holds some water, but the reports out of Washington and New York look more like a worried dad contacted his son about a potential threat. His son then emailed some friends (not just the rich and famous) and the story snowballed from there.

Slant Point noted that if the story plays out as an insider information leak, our "Homeland Security" still has serious communication and bureaucracy issues to deal with. While New York Mayor Mike Bloomberg took action and mobilized the NYPD into an impressive show of force in a matter of hours, the federal government’s response was to sit back and then lob claims that the terror threat was not all that creditable. If this wasn't a hoax; We need to know why a member of Homeland Security's Transportation Safety Administration felt the need to warn his son, as Homeland Security itself did it's best to poo-poo the threats to our transit system.

I don't want to rely on my status as one of New York's rich and elite to save my ass from a future terrorist attack. To be honest; I'm not all that rich and only elite in my own mind.

In the meantime; Drudge is giving legs to the class-conspiracy email hoax. Terror tipster to the rich/famous/artists... Drudge is such a drama queen.