Monday, October 17, 2005

Teddy To the Rescue

Sen. Edward Kennedy Helps Rescue Fishermen
Oct 17 2:24 AM US/Eastern
U.S. Sen. Edward Kennedy attempted to rescue six men who had become trapped by high tide on a jetty off Hyannisport on Sunday.

The Massachusetts Democrat eventually left the rescue to Hyannis firefighters, The Cape Cod Times reported Monday.

......laughing too hard to post anything......breath in....breath out

Top 5 Responses to this story
5. Seeing that Ted Kennedy was attempting to rescue them, the stranded men swam to safety to avoid the irony.
4. Media Bias Alert: Real story is that six chicks were trapped in the jacuzzi at the Kennedy Compound and needed rescue.
3. Mary Jo Kopechne is still waiting
2. Good Thing No One Drowned (Slant Point)
1. Seriously, imagine how dire your situation has become, if you need Ted Kennedy to come to your rescue?

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(Hat Tip - Slant Point)

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