Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Someone Throw In a Towel

Democratic Mayoral candidate Fernando "David" Ferrer may think he has God on his side, but someone hasn't told the New York voters according to a Marist Poll released today. Republican Mayor Mike Bloomberg had a 15 point lead entering September; Bloomy now enjoys a 28 point lead over Democrat Ferrer. In the past month, Ferrer's approval rating dropped 7 percentage points to 43%, he's 12 points behind Bloomberg (among Democrats), and only a 5 point lead among Latinos....and this might have been his best month of the campaign.

Fernando Ferrer thought he could goad Mike Bloomberg into a debate at The Apollo in Harlem and then use race as an issue when Bloomberg refused to participate. Bloomberg was smart to avoid the Apollo as it was a trap; he would have been in front of a hostile crowd and would be debating Ferrer and Conservative Party candidate Thomas Ognibene. Now Ferrer wants to try again, this time staging a debate put together by the Hispanic Federation, Bloomberg would be wise to skip this one as well.

Turning to Race-pimp Al Sharpton, Ferrer tried to turn the debate snub into a racial issue, by releasing ads and having Sharpton spew moronic rhetoric like "We have been racially profiled out of the debate process in this election" . When asked about the debate, most responders (64%) on the poll stated it did not matter. Using Al Sharpton to attack Bloomberg has not paid out for Freddy either. Bloomberg holds a 16 point lead among African-Americans.

The poll shows that 30% of voters were turned off Ferrer because of Sharpton's support; only 8% said it helped. Mayor Bloomberg should send some money to Ferrer to run more Sharpton ads.