Friday, October 28, 2005

NYC Smells Like Syrup

Is it Maple Syrup, Vanilla, or just New Jersey? There is a strange odor hanging over The Big Apple. 1010Wins has been flooded with calls from people asking "What is that smell". They are now hosting a poll asking the question (as of 10:45am, 20.6% think it is coming from New Jersey). While this morning I did not notice a strange smell above ground, I usually try to hold my breath on the subways. This brave blogger will venture out into the contaminated city to test the air quality at lunch today.

There's speculation that whatever it is drifted over from New Jersey.
So far the NYPD, the City Office of Emergency Management, the City Department of Environmental Protection, even the Coast Guard has not been able to identify the odor. Rumors are that Aunt Jemima has been taken into custody for questioning.

I have some questions of my own:
Has Canada hit us with some secret Bio-weapon?
Has the Second Republic of Vermont launched a preemptive invasion?
WWJD - What Would Jack Bauer Do?
If this was an attack, why did I not get an email?
Dude, where can I score some pancakes?