Thursday, October 27, 2005

New Jersey: We Will Win You Over

The state of New Jersey has spent $260,000 to come up with a new tourism slogan. Coming in at just over $43,333 a word, "New Jersey: We Will Win You Over" is what Garden State tourism officials came up with and it really sucks. Even Governor Codey thinks it stinks.

To help out our buddy to the West, I want to come up with something better, for free.

Post your slogans for The Garden State in the comments. I will post a poll for people to vote on the entries. I will then email the state tourism department with the results.

Here are some I came up with so far:
-Jersey: Just about as far south as you need to go
-New Jersey: Come here...or else
-New Jersey: Better than Staten Island
-Jersey: Not Gay

-New Jersey: Please ignore our plague-infested lab rats
-New Jersey: Home of Jon Corzine, baby eater