Wednesday, October 26, 2005

New Doug Forrester Ad

The race for Governor of New Jersey has been really ugly. Not to be outclassed by Democrat Jon Corzine's use of a paralyzed boy in an attack ad, Republican Doug Forrester has unveiled his new ad "Corzine Eats Babies". Have we reached a new low or can we dig deeper?

Doug Forrester - 30 second TV Ad
Title: Corzine Eats Babies!
Script: "Hi, I was going to be named John. In High School I was going to be captain of the varsity Football team. I was going to graduate and play Quarterback for Rutgers University. But that will never happen because Jon Corzine eats babies."
Narrator: "Jon Corzine, liberal baby eater."
"This ad was paid for by Doug Forrester for Governor"
Source: Forrester campaign

Note: This is satire. Jon Corzine does not eat babies, robots do.