Sunday, October 02, 2005

I Have Protest Fever!

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Small amounts of a bacteria that causes "rabbit fever" were found on Washington's National Mall last weekend as thousands of protesters marched against the Iraq War, U.S. health authorities said on Saturday.
Karl Rove to be blamed in 5...4..3..2...

(Hat Tip - Drudge)

Update: !!!Tin Hat Alert from Democratic Underground!!!

George W. Bush and his handlers were huddled in the Northcom bunkers in Colorado on the night before and day of the massive protests outside the White House...Just three days before the long-planned protests, "above top secret" military exercises began on the streets of Washington, D.C

would love to see the roll-call for just WHO stayed in DC!!
Now I know why noone showed up at the GOP Rally, the ones that did, didn't get the MEMO!!!!

sounds like something rove might try

I put nothing past Rove and those people.

More Rove bulls#it geared to keep protesters away. It's bulls#it. Don't buy into it. They just trying to scare you.

Does anyone else find it amusing that the left paints Bush as an idiot...but then gives him credit for organizing a massive biological attack who forgets to turn off the government air sensors?
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