Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Hot Wing Conspiracy: Week 5

We are heading into Week 5 in the second annual Yahoo! Hot Wing Conspiracy Fantasy Football league. As you can see from the rankings (left), Republicans seem to be just as bad picking female Supreme Court judges as they are a decent fantasy football team.

Highlights from Week 4:
•My team (Blue Balls) lost a tight game to the Rednecks (50-47). I have protested the loss since I played St. Louis on Defense and they scored -3 points.
•Delhomme's 10 point game Monday night did not help The beMuse as they came up short in the 56-52 loss to RFTR.
•The webcats were declawed by The Gunfighters (84-31). The webcats starting QB, Dante Culpepper scored -13 points, ouch.

Week 5 Best Matchup:
Rednecks (4-0) -vs- RFTR (4-0)

Week 5 Blowout Alert:
webcats (38.5 ppg) - vs- Bently Fonzworth (75.3 ppg)

GOP and College also recapped the week and the Vegas lines for Week 5.