Monday, October 24, 2005

Fernando Ferrer Endorses Mike Bloomberg for Mayor

Mayor Mike Bloomberg picked up the endorsement of the NY Times and Newsday, topping off a really, really bad week for Democrat Fernando Ferrer. Down by 3o points, Ferrer brought in Howard Dean (who offered nothing noteworthy), went on Air America and complained about Bloomberg's charitable donations, sent an email from "Hillary Clinton" that included a dead link, had Bill Clinton upstage him at an event, and then released the worst political ad in history.

The NY Daily News interviewed some office holders and supporters of Ferrer on the condition of anonymity. They say of the Ferrer campaign: "It's kind of a throwback to another era of New York when people didn't expect much from politicians." Ouch, and that's from someone who is campaigning for Ferrer.

"If he continues his record of accomplishment over the next four years, he may be remembered as one of the greatest mayors in New York history" - NY Times endorsement
Now, when the New York Times "enthusiastically" endorses a Republican, could the end of the world be near?