Friday, October 14, 2005

Evil Glenn's Voices

New Filthy Lie Assignment: Voices
What do the voices in Evil Glenn's head tell him to do?

I think we all know what his voices tell Evil Glenn to do: Go blend puppies, type 'heh', do not link to GOP and the City, and so forth. I think the more important question is where these voices come from.

I have poised the past year as a "GOP" blogger to gain insight into what makes these "blogs" tick. From the secret talking points memos to the emails on upcoming terrorist strikes, all Right-leaning blogs from Instapundit down to Itsapundit are programmed by "The Wizard".

Each day Right-leaning bloggers are sent telepathic messages, emails, and faxes from "The Wizard" with specific instructions. Such messages may be to post a fake interview with Geraldo, Shepard Smith, and a cheese grater. Another might be to write about the Spanish Flu of 1918 or even start a pseudo blog-war with Instapundit.

I plan on taking these findings to the progressive minds at Daily Kos and see how we can take down "The Wizard". Power to the people.

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