Friday, October 21, 2005

Clash of the Mediocre Titans

The Hot Wing Conspiracy Update
There's not been a beating this bad, since Ike left Tina. My Fantasy Football team (The Blue Balls) started 2-2, then lost to the T(v)RWC Giants, who had 3 players listed as "bye", which meant they were not even playing.

Not to be outdone, last week I took on the last place team, the Webcats who were 0-4 going into the game. The Webcats scored 35% points above their average of 46 and beat me (62-54).

This week, The Gunfigters come to town; it could be another bloodbath as I am taking a knife into this gun fight. You can see my lineup by clicking on the image to the left. That is my starters, my players riding the bench this week are: QB -Steve McNair, WR - Brandon Lloyd, RB - Ricky Williams, WR - Chris Henry, and RB - Kevan Barlow.

Post your thoughts/trash talk below.