Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Bush: Ask the pollsters

From yesterday's Rose Garden press conference:

Q Mr. President --
Bush: Yes.
Q -- in our latest poll --
Bush: The what?
Q In our latest poll --
Bush: Latest poll? (Laughter.)
Q Yes, our latest poll.
Bush: Okay.
Q I know you don't pay attention to polls, but, anyway, in our latest poll
Bush: You run one every other day. (Laughter.)
Q I know.
Bush: You mean yesterday's poll, as opposed to tomorrow's poll? Go ahead. It's a good way to fill space, Richard. (Laughter.)
Q It is. Eighty-five percent of the Republicans approve of the job you're doing, but only 15 percent of the Democrats approve of the job you're doing. What is it about that the Democrats find so objectionable?
Bush: Ask the pollsters. My job is to lead and to solve problems.
You can watch the video here.