Friday, October 14, 2005

A Big Apple Hoax?

The NY Post identified the authors of two terror warning emails as a couple of dance instructors from New York City, Nicholas Seligson-Ross and Tony Micocci. The email that was forwarded to me and which I posted about here, included Ross's name, which I left out of the post (just in case).

Here's the last paragraph and salutation of the original email (click on image for a larger view).

The terror warning email story can now go one of two directions:
1) The email was legit, there's someone in Homeland Security who knows these New York area dance teachers and tipped them to a potential threat.
2) A couple of dudes in the dance industry made it up and happen to be victims of coincidence that an actual terror warning came in.
I'm starting to lean towards option #2, these guys wanted to create a Snopes-worthy email that would spread like a wildfire in these times of terror alerts and color-coded threat levels. The only thing that doesn't add up is the use of the author's real name.

The biggest loser in this is the NY Daily Snooze, which tried to turn the whole email story into a "rich-vs-poor" issue and will end up looking foolish if this does turn out to be a hoax. The other loser is Democratic mayoral candidate Freddy Ferrer for questioning Mayor Bloomberg's actions during the terror alert.

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(Hat Tip - Kitty)