Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Baseball Playoff Predictions

From these poll results, it's apparent that 22% of ESPN.com readers are complete morons (Keith Olbermann has to have fans somewhere). Actually, Keith Olbermann predicts the San Diego Padres will beat the St. Louis Cardinals in their series, a sure sign that he's in the middle of that mushbrained 22%.

San Diego played in the NL West division, where a team that manages to win the same amount of games they lost would be only 2 games behind the division champs. If the Cardinals were in the NL West (don't laugh, the Nashville Sounds are the champs of the Pacific Coast League). Like I was saying, if the Cards were in the NL West, the Padres would be where a team with their record (82-80) should be; hanging out at home with the Mets playing Madden 06. St. Louis is baseball's only 100 game winner this season. They won 18 more games, scored 121 more runs, and gave up 92 fewer runs than the Padres. San Diego actually scored 42 fewer runs (684) than was scored on them by their opponents (726). This series will be a nice chance to allow Albert Pujols to pad his postseason stats.

Nice choice Keith, you idiot.

St. Louis Cardinals - 3
SD Padres - 1

Houston Astros - 3
Atlana Braves - 2

NY Yankees - 3
LA Angels - 2

Boston Red Sox - 3
Chicago White Sox - 1

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