Monday, October 17, 2005

139,000,000 Reasons Not to Vote for Ferrer

You may be asking how a Republican candidate (Mike Bloomberg) can be leading by close to 30 points and growing against a Democrat opponent in New York City where Democrats outnumber Republicans by at least 5 to 1. The answer is: Fernando Ferrer, who is on his third try for a stay at Gracie Mansion. This time around, Ferrer would have been served better if he had hired Beavis and Butthead as political consultants than the band he has now.

In his latest asinine sound bite, Fernando Ferrer blasted Mayor Bloomberg for donating $139,000,000 to 843 charities last year, calling it political motivated. Donating $1,000 to an organization and bragging about it is "politically motivated", donating $139 million is being generous. Bloomberg has donated some $600,000,000 since 2000 and his contributions to charity have increased 400% since 1997. Bloomberg should call and thank Freddy for promoting his generous charitable giving history.
"Mike Bloomberg has spent nearly $50 million that he's reported [on the campaign] and all those other strategic charitable contributions," - Fernando Ferrer
Ironically, Ferrer blasted Bloomberg's charity while on-air at the ultra-liberal radio station Air America, who have their own problems with charitable (mis)giving.