Monday, October 31, 2005

Fernando Ferrer: Idiot

If you are one of those few Democrats who sent money in for the Fernando Ferrer campaign, check out this commercial that your money went to produce. Now ask yourself why your candidate is down by over 30 points to a Republican.

This childish crap is better suited for sites like Daily Kos, not a legit campaign. The Ferrer campaign seems like it's being run by a group of monkey's high on methamphetamines.

The ad is silly and almost made me laugh. Check out Bloomberg's hand about half-way through the ad. What's he doing to Bush's crotch?

Bill's Taking Seconds

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CBS News chief White House correspondent and overall jerk, John Roberts, questioned the President's Supreme Court selection of Judge Samuel Alito as "sloppy seconds".

via Drudge
John Roberts: “So, Scott, you said that -- or the President said, repeatedly, that Harriet Miers was the best person for the job. So does that mean that Alito is sloppy seconds, or what?”

The term is best described by the Dictionary of Slang as: Noun. A subsequent indulgence in an activity by a second person involving an exchange of bodily fluids. This may involve the sharing of drink, or more often it applies to a sexual nature. E.g."I'm not having sloppy seconds, I want to shag her first."

Join the Sloppy Seconds Syndicate today. To join, simply trackback to this post, email me, or post a comment. Because this time around; seconds are more appealing than firsts.

(linked on Don Surber, confirm them, Malkin, OA, Newsbusters, and Basil)

Confirm Alito Coalition

Yawn, covering the SCOTUS is almost as boring as live-blogging the Antiques Roadshow. The best part of Bush's nomination of conservative justice Samuel Alito to the Supreme Court will be the reaction from the left. Where the right foamed at the mouth over Harriet Miers, the left and the media will fall to the floor in convulsions over this pick. Just for the possibility of getting to watch liberals jamming a spoon into Ted Kennedy's mouth so he won't swallow his tongue in a liberal seizure fit, I'll support this pick.

Update: Maybe this SCOTUS thing is going fun to cover
via Drudge
John Roberts: “So, Scott, you said that -- or the President said, repeatedly, that Harriet Miers was the best person for the job. So does that mean that Alito is sloppy seconds, or what?”

**Join either the Confirm Alito Coalition or the Sloppy Seconds Syndicate**

Malkin will have complete coverage.

Here is some inital media reaction:
Court choice augurs battle-royal
Alito has endorsed abortion restrictions
Bush picks conservative judge
Bush nominates conservative judge to Supreme Court
Bush makes a choice to cheer conservatives
Court Nominee Is a Strong Conservative on a Liberal Bench
Bush to nominate 'conservative darling' to Supreme Court

Friday, October 28, 2005

Rangel: Cheney's Nuts

Here's Charlie Rangel M.D. once again on NY1 making yet another medical diagnosis of the Vice President of The United States. This time it's that Cheney's mentally ill. Check out Rangel's bowtie, and ask yourself just who's crazy?

"Suppose I was to challenge the Vice President on your show and say if you're not mentally ill why don't you take a test and show the American people you're up to it...And guess what? He's been out of town ever since we said that. Ever since we discussed this he's left town ... It's not enough when you’re sick to say that you're not sick. That's what you call denial..."

You can watch the video here

Click Here to check out more GOP and the City. Now with more syrup smell!

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Weekend Caption Contest

I hardly Nuked Ya Caption Contest

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Top Entries
4. What's that.. you say Israel is going to drop the A-Bomb right over there? - Mccain
3. "No, no, I am NOT Bronson Pinchot! My name is . . . Balki. Yes, that is correct. Balki." - Wyatt Earp
2. Met my good friend Ted Turner at Achmed's International House of Hummas, and he taught me this. I don't know how well they will work for beheadings, but I got a great deal on a gross of foam rubber tomahawks. - Cowboy Blob

Photoshop Entries

"I really need to talk to my agent, oy"
-The Man

-Cowboy Blob

"And now I will pull an infidel out of my hat."
- The Man

"... and with the help of my friend and the Uranium PU-36 Explosive Space Modulator my vision will be realized, Allahu Akbar."
-Rodney Dill

1) Fernando Ferrer finally lands an endorsement.
2) "Together we will crush New York"
3) Ferrer gets the endorsement of the Crazy-Ass Muslims Local 56 Union.
-The Man

"Burka, Schmurka"
-Rodney Dill

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NYC Smells Like Syrup

Is it Maple Syrup, Vanilla, or just New Jersey? There is a strange odor hanging over The Big Apple. 1010Wins has been flooded with calls from people asking "What is that smell". They are now hosting a poll asking the question (as of 10:45am, 20.6% think it is coming from New Jersey). While this morning I did not notice a strange smell above ground, I usually try to hold my breath on the subways. This brave blogger will venture out into the contaminated city to test the air quality at lunch today.

There's speculation that whatever it is drifted over from New Jersey.
So far the NYPD, the City Office of Emergency Management, the City Department of Environmental Protection, even the Coast Guard has not been able to identify the odor. Rumors are that Aunt Jemima has been taken into custody for questioning.

I have some questions of my own:
Has Canada hit us with some secret Bio-weapon?
Has the Second Republic of Vermont launched a preemptive invasion?
WWJD - What Would Jack Bauer Do?
If this was an attack, why did I not get an email?
Dude, where can I score some pancakes?

Another Endorsement


Political Horoscope: If your name is Fernando Ferrer, you will have another bad day.

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Worst Commute of the Year Award

The award goes to the passengers on this morning's NJ Transit's Northeast Corridor line on their way to Penn Station (NYC).

On the way to Penn Station
1) The "express" train engineer gets sick and stops the train at the Edison train station.
2) Passengers have to wait at Edison until a replacement foreman arrives to drive the train.
3) From inside the Dunkin Donuts at the Edison train station, someone calls police about a suspicious package on the train.
4) Passengers are removed and placed on a train to New Brunswick to continue on to Penn Station.
5) At New Brunswick, a narrow passageway caused a woman to fall and hit her head on the tracks. Medical crews were called to respond.
6) There was nothing suspicious found on the original train.

If you plan on riding NJ Transit, make sure to visit the "Guide to riding a train".

New Jersey: We Will Win You Over

The state of New Jersey has spent $260,000 to come up with a new tourism slogan. Coming in at just over $43,333 a word, "New Jersey: We Will Win You Over" is what Garden State tourism officials came up with and it really sucks. Even Governor Codey thinks it stinks.

To help out our buddy to the West, I want to come up with something better, for free.

Post your slogans for The Garden State in the comments. I will post a poll for people to vote on the entries. I will then email the state tourism department with the results.

Here are some I came up with so far:
-Jersey: Just about as far south as you need to go
-New Jersey: Come here...or else
-New Jersey: Better than Staten Island
-Jersey: Not Gay

-New Jersey: Please ignore our plague-infested lab rats
-New Jersey: Home of Jon Corzine, baby eater

Icy Hot Judgaz Member Withdraws Nomination

I am neutral on the Miers nomination because.... I don't care.

Last week, I came out of my peyote-induced haze to find out a Supreme Court nominee from President Bush might be filibustered by Republicans while supported by Democrats. At the time, I thought that I was just having another bad trip and soon the little midget with a mullet wearing lederhosen would return from under my bed to relentlessly kick me in my shins. Then I remembered that I don't smoke peyote so it must have be real.

CNN is reporting that Harriet Miers has now withdrawn her nomination. Damn, there goes my Halloween costume.

Many bloggers and other media types will blather on and on why she finally threw in the towel. I happen to have the answer, the MSM was about to blow the cover off Harriet Miers and her role as a member of the super-secret conservative judicial group called the Icy Hot Judgaz. Now this will be the last I will post on the saga of Harriet Miers, I'd rather focus on more important issues like: Jon Corzine's habitual eating of babies, linking George Bush to Kevin Bacon, and Karl Rove's Weather Generator Storage Center. Peace out.

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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

New Doug Forrester Ad

The race for Governor of New Jersey has been really ugly. Not to be outclassed by Democrat Jon Corzine's use of a paralyzed boy in an attack ad, Republican Doug Forrester has unveiled his new ad "Corzine Eats Babies". Have we reached a new low or can we dig deeper?

Doug Forrester - 30 second TV Ad
Title: Corzine Eats Babies!
Script: "Hi, I was going to be named John. In High School I was going to be captain of the varsity Football team. I was going to graduate and play Quarterback for Rutgers University. But that will never happen because Jon Corzine eats babies."
Narrator: "Jon Corzine, liberal baby eater."
"This ad was paid for by Doug Forrester for Governor"
Source: Forrester campaign

Note: This is satire. Jon Corzine does not eat babies, robots do.

And This Little Piggy Was Banned

Piggy banks have been banned by Halifax and NatWest Banks in England to avoid offending Muslim customers. Pigs are seen as impure animals by the Muslims, but I have trouble seeing the connection between a real, impure pig and a ceramic one with a slot on its back for coins. If any Muslim kids who have problems accepting the coins out of their impure piggy bank, should email me and then send me the piggy back and it's contents for proper disposal.

"This is a sensitive issue and I think the banks are simply being courteous to their customers" said Salim Mulla, secretary of the Lancashire Council of Mosques. Other English Muslims are not so keen on the idea banning of piggy banks. Khalid Mahmoud, the Labour MP for a Birmingham is one of them. "We live in a multicultural society and the traditions and symbols of one community should not be obliterated just to accommodate another," said Khalid.

All your pig idols are belong to us
This follows the ban on Piglet and you can expect more changes in England as to not offend Muslims such as:
1) Arnold, the pig on Green Acres will no longer talk and will be edited out of reruns. He'll be replaced by a yodeling Snipe.
2) Charlotte's Web will need to be rewritten(right)
3) The Three Pigs are now The Three Mullahs
4) Anyone caught calling their kid's toes "piggies going to the market" will be whipped...all the way home.
5) Ms. Piggy is gone, Falafel the Bear is Kermit's new love. (hat tip - Scott)
6) In the remake of the movie Deliverance: Ned Beatty is forced to "squeal like a camel"(hat tip - Scott)
7) Pig-Pen from Peanuts has been stoned to death for having an impure name and being really dirty.

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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Tin Hat Tuesday: Vermont for Sale!

Be it resolved that the state of Vermont peacefully and democratically free itself from the United States of America and return to its natural status as an independent republic as it was between January 15, 1777 and March 4, 1791. -Vermont Petition

On October 28th, the Second Vermont Republic will hold a statewide convention in the house chamber at the state capitol in Montpelier. The theme of this meeting will be "Vermont Independence: An Impossible Dream or a Vision of the Future". The Second Vermont Republic website claims this is the first such meeting since "since North Carolina voted to secede from the Union on May 20, 1861". Any Civil War buff knows that Tennessee was the last state to secede from the Union (6/8/1861) and it was the first state to be let back in (10/4/1869).

The group would like to unite with Maine, New Hampshire, and four Canadian provinces (Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Newfoundland, and Prince Edward Island) to create a "New Atlantic Confederacy". Just imagine the maple syrup cartel this would create.

This whole secession thing might work out well for The Man and our nation since I was informed last week that my wife and I will be joining her family for a ski trip in Vermont later this year.

The dope-smoking hippies in Vermont are a non-violent bunch and do not condone "state-sponsored violence inflicted either by military or law enforcement officials". Therefore, I'll devise a plan to sneak into Vermont at night, under the cover of a "ski trip", take the capital of Montpelier, and have parcels of the state up on Ebay by early morning. Who wants a piece of Vermont? I will sell chunks of it cheap starting with the Ben and Jerry's factory in Waterbury.

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Bloomberg Leads By Only 10

....among Democrats (52-42).

A Quinnipiac University poll released today puts Republican Mayor Mike Bloomberg up 61-30 over Democratic challenger Fernando Ferrer. Conservative Party candidate Thomas Ognibene now has 2% of the vote.

As for the Ad-war going on; 91% of people polled have seen a television commercial for Mayor Bloomberg, which means that 9% either have no contact with a television or live in a cave on Staten Island because I see at least ten before I finish breakfast. 97% of African-American, 95% of Hispanics, and 93% of Democrats have seen the ads compared to only 88% of whites and 87% of Republicans.

Political Commercials Hit All Time Low

Politics in the Garden State have hit a new low, even for New Jersey standards. This morning I watched and was sickened when I saw a commercial for the Jon Corzine for Governor campaign starring a paraplegic named Carl Riccio who claims that Republican Doug Forrester does not care about him or people like him because of his views on stem cell research.
...Doug Forrester doesn't support embryonic stem cell research, therefore, I don't think he supports people like me and doctors who say a cure is coming...

"It's an emotional ad, certainly, and one wonders if it's too much, if it goes too far," states David Rebovich a Rider University political analyst. You know, if wheeling out a paralyzed boy to attack your opponent is not going too far, then I'd hate to see what is.

I cannot wait until the New Jersey governor's race is over with, New Yorkers are sick of the sleazy commercials coming from both sides. But this one takes the cake for sure.

Click Here for the Ad-script
Click Here to view the commercial. Let me know what you think.

Update: Enlighten - NJ hints at a developing Corzine scandal that makes "Jim McGreevey look like a Cub Scout compared to Jon Corzine."

Update: Malkin shows how Moveon is exploiting the dead

Update: Forrester responds with an ad of his own (sort of)

Monday, October 24, 2005

Fernando Ferrer Endorses Mike Bloomberg for Mayor

Mayor Mike Bloomberg picked up the endorsement of the NY Times and Newsday, topping off a really, really bad week for Democrat Fernando Ferrer. Down by 3o points, Ferrer brought in Howard Dean (who offered nothing noteworthy), went on Air America and complained about Bloomberg's charitable donations, sent an email from "Hillary Clinton" that included a dead link, had Bill Clinton upstage him at an event, and then released the worst political ad in history.

The NY Daily News interviewed some office holders and supporters of Ferrer on the condition of anonymity. They say of the Ferrer campaign: "It's kind of a throwback to another era of New York when people didn't expect much from politicians." Ouch, and that's from someone who is campaigning for Ferrer.

"If he continues his record of accomplishment over the next four years, he may be remembered as one of the greatest mayors in New York history" - NY Times endorsement
Now, when the New York Times "enthusiastically" endorses a Republican, could the end of the world be near?

Saturday, October 22, 2005

Worst Political Ad, Ever.

The Politicker posts the latest Freddy Ferrer ad, a 60-second attack ad against Mayor Bloomberg with country music as the background. As a southerner, I'm not sure if I should laugh or be offended.

"Elect Freddy Ferrer Mayor. He's not like Mike. He's more like you."

Click here to listen to the ad in question and let me know what you think.

Friday, October 21, 2005

Weekend Caption Contest

Cheeky Caption Contest
(Source - Reuters)

The Top 5
5. "Whaddya need to hit the town dressed like this.""Eh, Depends" - Rodney Dill
4. Sometimes reality is pretty funny: Sumo wrestlers cross Seventh Avenue in New York City on their way to register for this weekend's tournament at Madison Square Garden. - RFTR
3. "Sammari Night Fever" - Gary
2. Due to his being barefoot and out of step with the others, this photo soon began a series of "Sakamoto is dead" rumors. - Mr. Right
1. "I am the egg man
We are the egg men
I am the walrus
Coo coo ca choo" - Wyatt Earp

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6 Degrees of George W. Bush

The NY Daily News continues to their non-stop efforts to find new and bizarre ways to twist the Terror Warning Email story. First, it was to insist there was a secret email chain of New York's "rich and elite" who were warned about a potential terror attacks, leaving the average New Yorker to fend for themselves. In the paper's latest "exclusive", the Daily News plays 6-degrees of President Bush by noting the source of one of the terror warnings, (USCG Information officer Nathaniel Heiner), father (George Heiner) was once a Yale roommate of former President George H.W. Bush. So in some way, President George W. Bush to blame for the whole mess.

GOP and the City exclusive: Nathaniel Heiner was also an original member of Sha-Na-Na, who played at Woodstock, where Jimi Hendrix also performed. Hendrix was in Dynamite Chicken (1972) with BB King. King was in Amazon Women on the Moon (1987) with David Alan Grier. Grier was in The Woodsman (2004) with Kevin Bacon. Mr. Bacon could not be reached for comment.

Clash of the Mediocre Titans

The Hot Wing Conspiracy Update
There's not been a beating this bad, since Ike left Tina. My Fantasy Football team (The Blue Balls) started 2-2, then lost to the T(v)RWC Giants, who had 3 players listed as "bye", which meant they were not even playing.

Not to be outdone, last week I took on the last place team, the Webcats who were 0-4 going into the game. The Webcats scored 35% points above their average of 46 and beat me (62-54).

This week, The Gunfigters come to town; it could be another bloodbath as I am taking a knife into this gun fight. You can see my lineup by clicking on the image to the left. That is my starters, my players riding the bench this week are: QB -Steve McNair, WR - Brandon Lloyd, RB - Ricky Williams, WR - Chris Henry, and RB - Kevan Barlow.

Post your thoughts/trash talk below.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

With Help Like This...

With a month left to go and down to Mayor Bloomberg by close to 30 points, Freddy Ferrer is bringing the big guns to town.

Thursday - Bill Clinton
Friday - Hillary Clinton
Sunday - John Kerry

I have signed up to get emails from the Ferrer campaign, so in a matter of hours I got one from Hillary and one from John Kerry trying to pump me for money. Last week I got two from John Edwards and earlier one from Virginia Fields, come to think of it, I have yet to get an email from Freddy himself.

Hillary's email ends like this:

I am proud to support Freddy in this campaign, and I hope you will be able to join me in showing our support for him this Friday.
Hillary Rodham Clinton
p.s. If you can't make it to the reception,
please click here to learn how you can help Freddy.

I have to question Hillary's desire to help the floundering Ferrer campaign, because clicking on the link leads you to this error page.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Terror Warning Email Update

New York Terror Email Timeline
10/4/2005 -
I was forwarded an email that lays out threats against some key subway stations (one was my station). You can view the entire email by clicking here. As you can see, it was making its rounds on 10/3. I forwarded this email to several Bloggers in New York and elsewhere. I also forwarded a copy to Snopes.
10/6/05 - Mayor Bloomberg announces the terror warning from a raid in Iraq, I post the email.
10/13/05 - NY Daily News posts "Rich Got Terror Tip", tries to create a class-conspiracy theory.
10/14/05 - NY Post identifies the authors of two warning emails. I state my theory, the guys created the emails as a hoax and were "victims of coincidence".
10/18/05 - Daily News reports that the email "tipsters" have their security clearance stripped

The two federal employees behind the information in the tipsters email have been identified and stripped of their security clearance, one works as a member of Homeland Security's Transportation Safety Administration. I think my original theory of a hoax still holds some water, but the reports out of Washington and New York look more like a worried dad contacted his son about a potential threat. His son then emailed some friends (not just the rich and famous) and the story snowballed from there.

Slant Point noted that if the story plays out as an insider information leak, our "Homeland Security" still has serious communication and bureaucracy issues to deal with. While New York Mayor Mike Bloomberg took action and mobilized the NYPD into an impressive show of force in a matter of hours, the federal government’s response was to sit back and then lob claims that the terror threat was not all that creditable. If this wasn't a hoax; We need to know why a member of Homeland Security's Transportation Safety Administration felt the need to warn his son, as Homeland Security itself did it's best to poo-poo the threats to our transit system.

I don't want to rely on my status as one of New York's rich and elite to save my ass from a future terrorist attack. To be honest; I'm not all that rich and only elite in my own mind.

In the meantime; Drudge is giving legs to the class-conspiracy email hoax. Terror tipster to the rich/famous/artists... Drudge is such a drama queen.

My Baseball Rant: Part 2

Did you see Albert Pujols hit that monster, game-winning homerun with 2 outs in the bottom of the 9th inning last night?

I didn't. No, I turned off the game after John Mabry struck out for the second out in the bottom of the 9th inning! I went to sleep thinking the game was over and while I went to bed, David Eckstein hit a single, Jim Edmonds walked, and then Pujols hit the homerun to win the game.

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Karl Rove's Weather Generator Storage Center

Update: Karl Rove Strikes Again

Last week I successfully exposed Karl Rove's use of his weather generator in an attempt to mask his legal problems in the Valerie Plame case. Rove used his weather machine to make it rain in 90% of the "blue states" while the "red states" were dry as a bone. This forced the media to send reporters to cover submerged cars and downed power lines instead of the Karl Rove trial.

My post titled Plame it on the Rain led the Washington Post to blow the lid wide open on the use of the weather generator and it's storage in Karl Rove's garage. Bush's brain was found in a small tupperware container behind the ladder.

From the Washington Post article:

The inventory, seen from outside:
_Some cardboard file boxes stacked one on top of the other, labeled "Box 6," "Box 4" and what appears to be "Box 7." No sign of boxes 1, 2, 3 and 5.
_A rather large wood crate marked "Weather Generator"
_A tall aluminum ladder.
_In one corner, the rear wheel of a bicycle sticks out, along with what appears to be a helmet.
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Monday, October 17, 2005

Teddy To the Rescue

Sen. Edward Kennedy Helps Rescue Fishermen
Oct 17 2:24 AM US/Eastern
U.S. Sen. Edward Kennedy attempted to rescue six men who had become trapped by high tide on a jetty off Hyannisport on Sunday.

The Massachusetts Democrat eventually left the rescue to Hyannis firefighters, The Cape Cod Times reported Monday.

......laughing too hard to post anything......breath in....breath out

Top 5 Responses to this story
5. Seeing that Ted Kennedy was attempting to rescue them, the stranded men swam to safety to avoid the irony.
4. Media Bias Alert: Real story is that six chicks were trapped in the jacuzzi at the Kennedy Compound and needed rescue.
3. Mary Jo Kopechne is still waiting
2. Good Thing No One Drowned (Slant Point)
1. Seriously, imagine how dire your situation has become, if you need Ted Kennedy to come to your rescue?

Got another? Add it to the comments below.

(Hat Tip - Slant Point)

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139,000,000 Reasons Not to Vote for Ferrer

You may be asking how a Republican candidate (Mike Bloomberg) can be leading by close to 30 points and growing against a Democrat opponent in New York City where Democrats outnumber Republicans by at least 5 to 1. The answer is: Fernando Ferrer, who is on his third try for a stay at Gracie Mansion. This time around, Ferrer would have been served better if he had hired Beavis and Butthead as political consultants than the band he has now.

In his latest asinine sound bite, Fernando Ferrer blasted Mayor Bloomberg for donating $139,000,000 to 843 charities last year, calling it political motivated. Donating $1,000 to an organization and bragging about it is "politically motivated", donating $139 million is being generous. Bloomberg has donated some $600,000,000 since 2000 and his contributions to charity have increased 400% since 1997. Bloomberg should call and thank Freddy for promoting his generous charitable giving history.
"Mike Bloomberg has spent nearly $50 million that he's reported [on the campaign] and all those other strategic charitable contributions," - Fernando Ferrer
Ironically, Ferrer blasted Bloomberg's charity while on-air at the ultra-liberal radio station Air America, who have their own problems with charitable (mis)giving.

Fish on Fire

Here's some strange news breaking out of Mahopac, New York:

Fire in a fish tank on the second floor of the Mahopac High School has caused classes to be delayed. Students are being kept outside the school until the school can be cleared of smoke.
What in the hell are they feeding the fish up there?

Vacation Destination

Places I want to go on vacation:
Disney World

Malkin has a complete roundup

My Baseball Rant

One of my biggest pet peeves involves officials in sports who think they need to help determine the outcome of a key game. Whether it's a official at an NCAA or NFL game, throwing flags in the playoffs every down or, like last night, a MLB Umpire being a drama queen in the playoffs. I have said it before and I will probably have to say it again, all sports would be better off with fewer refs; as the fans in Houston yelled in the Bad News Bears movie, "Let them play".

Yes, my team lost last night and I'm bitter. But to watch your team lose, in part, because a bonehead umpire tries to involve himself in the game is really aggravating. After Manager Tony La Russa and then Jim Edmonds were thrown out, I was almost tossed out of my house by my wife last night for arguing with the television (I lost).

These athletes get paid to play the game; they play 162 games and to have an umpire, who is having a bad night, determine the outcome of a pivotal game is just plain stupid. Yes, you should not argue balls and strikes, but you should have the right to complain when the calls are not even close. If this were the NFL, Jim Edmonds' would have called for an instant replay to show the far-sighted umpire, Phil Cuzzi, just how bad his calls were.

It was 3 balls, 1 strike in the top of the 8th inning. As you can see from the image, the ball is up and way inside. The picture is taken off-center, so the ball is actually further inside than the picture shows. It was ball 4 and Cuzzi is a jerk and a drama queen who should go back to calling Little League games.

His actions and the reactions by the Cardinals may have squashed any dreams we fans had of winning the World Series for the first time since 1982 and erasing the embarrassment of last years loss to the Red Sox.

Friday, October 14, 2005

Weekend Caption Contest

The Mothership Caption Contest
(Source - Yahoo)

Top Entries
-Cowboy Blob
4. "Why do I have this combover like a bald honky?" - chsw
3. This little light of mine... -
2. "All your propaganda are belong to us" -
1. "I have manipulated the flag to show only sixteen stars. This is a representation of the remaining brain cells I currently control." -
Wyatt Earp
Photoshop Entries

- The Man

The mothership finally had enough!
-The Man

-Cowboy Blob

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A Big Apple Hoax?

The NY Post identified the authors of two terror warning emails as a couple of dance instructors from New York City, Nicholas Seligson-Ross and Tony Micocci. The email that was forwarded to me and which I posted about here, included Ross's name, which I left out of the post (just in case).

Here's the last paragraph and salutation of the original email (click on image for a larger view).

The terror warning email story can now go one of two directions:
1) The email was legit, there's someone in Homeland Security who knows these New York area dance teachers and tipped them to a potential threat.
2) A couple of dudes in the dance industry made it up and happen to be victims of coincidence that an actual terror warning came in.
I'm starting to lean towards option #2, these guys wanted to create a Snopes-worthy email that would spread like a wildfire in these times of terror alerts and color-coded threat levels. The only thing that doesn't add up is the use of the author's real name.

The biggest loser in this is the NY Daily Snooze, which tried to turn the whole email story into a "rich-vs-poor" issue and will end up looking foolish if this does turn out to be a hoax. The other loser is Democratic mayoral candidate Freddy Ferrer for questioning Mayor Bloomberg's actions during the terror alert.

What do you think? Post comments below.
(Hat Tip - Kitty)

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New Filthy Lie Assignment: Voices
What do the voices in Evil Glenn's head tell him to do?

I think we all know what his voices tell Evil Glenn to do: Go blend puppies, type 'heh', do not link to GOP and the City, and so forth. I think the more important question is where these voices come from.

I have poised the past year as a "GOP" blogger to gain insight into what makes these "blogs" tick. From the secret talking points memos to the emails on upcoming terrorist strikes, all Right-leaning blogs from Instapundit down to Itsapundit are programmed by "The Wizard".

Each day Right-leaning bloggers are sent telepathic messages, emails, and faxes from "The Wizard" with specific instructions. Such messages may be to post a fake interview with Geraldo, Shepard Smith, and a cheese grater. Another might be to write about the Spanish Flu of 1918 or even start a pseudo blog-war with Instapundit.

I plan on taking these findings to the progressive minds at Daily Kos and see how we can take down "The Wizard". Power to the people.

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Thursday, October 13, 2005

Plame It On The Rain

In case you don't have The Weather Channel or access to the internet, here's your weather forecast for today (10/13/05). As you can see, if you live in a "Blue State", odds are Karl Rove has it raining on you right now. That's right, Karl Rove.

The diabolical mastermind Karl Rove has, once again, been tinkering with his powerful weather generator in an operation I have dubbed "Operation Plame It On The Rain". The objective of this is to push any negative press of the Valerie Plame testimony from the front page, replaced by weathermen standing in knee-deep flood water. This is eerily similar to when President Bush had Rove create Hurricane Rita to turn CNN away from covering the Cindy Sheehan rally in Washington DC.

So tonight, when your $2 umbrella fails you, shake your fist angrily at the sky and yell "damn you Karl Rove".

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Gotta Love Jersey Part 9

Some surprised New Jersey animal lovers got quite an ear-full when they called an 800 number listed in a DMV newsletter on how to order state-issued Animal Friendly license plates. The correct number is an 888 number; the 800 number listed went to a phone sex line. "Hello, you want to put what on my rear end?"

The correct number is 888-486-3339, in case you are interested.

For those of you not in marketing, this type of thing happens more often than you think, trust me.

(Source - 1010WINS)
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Terror Warning Email Update

Early last week I got an email forwarded to me by a co-worker, you can read it at the bottom of this post. It describes a phone call from someone who's father supposedly works at Homeland Security and warns people to stay clear of the Subways for the next 2 weeks. Thinking it was your run-of-the mill email hoax, I sent it along to some fellow New York bloggers and then on to Snopes, who picked it up and posted on it here.

Then I noticed today's NY Daily News. RICH GOT TERROR TIP. Why did city's elite get advance info on bomb threat to subway? If the headline did not give it away, the first paragraph in the clip will give you a clue to what they are hinting at.

The city's rich and well-connected were tipped off to last week's subway terror threat days before average New Yorkers, the Daily News has learned. - NY Daily News
The NY Daily News would like the story to play out that only the city's elite (which includes me, I guess) were warned about the terror threat before other, less fortunate New Yorkers. The paper is hinting there's a Big Apple-sized Katrina-Class Conspiracy where only the well-to-do (and me) are warned of incoming terror threats.

In other news, only the rich and powerful have been informed about a large inheritance for the taking in Nigeria. Also, beware of kidney snatchers lurking in bars, don't buy gas on a certain date. Did you hear that Bill Gates will give you money for just forwarding some email? No? Because only the important people are on that list, sucker.