Monday, September 19, 2005

You Gotta Love Memphis

The Ford family has been in control of Memphis politics for decades. That position seemed to evaporate as State Senator John Ford was arrested for accepting $55k in illegal payments and making 3 death threats against undercover TBI agents, he has since resigned his senate seat.

The voters of Memphis were granted a special election to decide who would represent the 29th district. As usual, there was a Ford on the ballot. Democrat Opelia Ford ran and won her brother's former seat. Her margin of victory was just 12 votes and a recount is underway. Ms. Ford claimed her victory was due to Memphians prefer family tradition, with a straight face she said, "I believe in carrying on family traditions".

Democrat Opelia Ford - 4,332
Republican Terry Roland - 4,320
Independent Robert 'Prince Mongo' Hodges - 89

On a side note, Independent candidate Robert 'Prince Mongo' Hodges claims to hail from another planet. Mongo was ordered to remove "space talking" mannequins from his front yard. Prince Mongo claims, "The mannequins continuously bring me information from my planet. I am from another planet, and I receive information from the mannequin."

In the end, Prince Mongo makes more sense than the voters of Memphis, who have voted to place another Ford in office.