Monday, September 12, 2005

A Terrorist Over There

Confederate Yankee and BSC claim to know the identity of the masked Al Qaeda terrorist making threats on LA and Melbourne seen in this picture.

I have another opinion.

I came to this conclusion after watching the first few episodes of "Saved by the Bell: Iraq" also known as FX's show "Over There". Between the Army women getting in the way and the constant cliché yelling contests ("It's dying time"), a character stands out from the group. Private Frank "Dim" Dumphy seems to be the only cast member who can tie his own show and has been spending a lot of time asking questions and philosophizing about Iraq and its people. Plus he wears glasses, just like the terrorist.

Maybe there is more there than the show's producers would like to slip out. Maybe I just need to find something else to watch on Wednesday's at 10pm.