Monday, September 26, 2005

Sheehapalooza -vs- Rita

"I am watching CNN and it is 100 percent (Hurricane) Rita...even though it is a little wind and a little is bad, but there are other things going on in this country today...and in the world!!!!" - Cindy Sheehan
As I wrote before, the media have tired of "momma Sheehan" and her asinine gibberish like "Troops out of occupied New Orleans" and now "a little rain". Every time Sheehan opens her mouth, she only hastens her departure from the pages of the same papers who put her on a pedestal to begin with. Nah Nah Nah Nah, hey hey, good bye.

I was trying to find some moonbat coverage on CNN/MSNBC/FoxNews and had to turn to C-span for live feeds from Moonbase Zero. Here's a short recap of every speaker on the slate: Bush is evil, Down with Israel, US out of (insert country here) , we "support" the troops, and Cheney is a poo-poo head. Sorry if I made the speakers sound more intelligent than they actually were. After 10 minutes, I had to turn back to the non-stop Rita coverage because my brain cells started oozing out of my ear just listening to that garbage.