Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Rangel Is Full of the Wrong Bull

Laura Ingraham pointed out today that he said Bull O’Connor confusing Bull Connor with Caroll O’Connor. - email from Aaron at LLP

Democrat congressman from New York Charles Rangel has made comparisons between President Bush and a racist Democrat mayor from the Civil Rights Era. As Laura Ingraham and one of her listeners pointed out, Rangel used the wrong "Bull" in his slander of the President. Rangel, who is full of Bull, is confused on what Bull to use in his speeches. Laura thinks he meant Caroll O'Connor, but I have my own ideas at who Charlie Rangel was getting at.

Did Rangel mean to compare Bush with Bull from Night Court? Therefore, was Bull a racist? Now, I was a big fan of Night Court and never thought to compare Bush with Bull, nor do I think that Bull was racist; he seemed to work well with both Roz and Mac. I think the only racist on the show was the crabby court officer who smoked all the time.

If Charles Rangel meant to compare Bush with a character from Night Court, well that's just too easy, it has to be Judge Harry T. Stone. Then you could just as easy, compare Bill Clinton to D.A. Dan Fielding. So obviously, Bush is not a racist, Bull is not a racist, and Rangel is stupid.

•You can check out Night Court on TV Land.

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