Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Local Fox Station Bans Anti-Bush Ad

Fox 5 New York has refused to run an ad for a democratic candidate for Manhattan borough president, Brian Ellner. Ellner is one of nine candidates running for that position and is not expected to win in the primary.

In a field of nine democrats, I guess you have to try and stand out. So Brian's ad starts out bashing the president and ends with Ellner wrapping his arms around his partner. According to Ellner, Fox refused the ad because it was "disrespectful to the office of the president", which it is. Ellner then accused Fox of being un-American and homophobic, which it a'int.

Ellner does not explain why a candidate for borough president needs to take President Bush to task for the first 12 seconds of a 30 second ad. The borough president's job is to advocate for the borough and has little power. Click here to read what the job entails. The position has some control on how the city's budget is spent in Manhattan. As a candidate, Ellner spent 40% of his 30 second ad, blabbering about Bush, something that has nothing to do with his role as borough president. He spent $290,000 to run the add which means roughly $116,000 of that went to waste as useless Bush-bashing. How would he spend taxpayer's money once he gets his hands on it?

You can view the ad here. See it for yourself and post a comment about what you think.

On a side note, check out how The Daily News describes Fox News. Do you think they have to note the liberal bias accusations each time they mention The New York Times or CBS?

Cable channel Fox News has been accused of a conservative slant that favors the Bush administration in its coverage. Executives deny the bias, although founder Roger Ailes, a former Republican party operative, has described Fox as an alternative to a left-leaning CNN. - NY Daily News
Update: President Bush has announced he plans to run for Manhattan borough president, so Ellner's ad now makes sense. (hat tip - Renee)

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