Thursday, September 08, 2005

Hayward J. Ablohmie Is Safe!

Take a look in your city's phone book and you will find some strange listings. I know in the Nashville phone book you can find a "Haywood Jablome" listed. Last time I checked, there was even a "H. Jablome Jr." listing. It seems the prank made it's way to New Orleans in the aftermath of Katrina.

CNN organized a "safe list" for people resuced from New Orleans following Hurricane Katrina. According to the list on CNN, Hayward J. Ablohmie is safe and sitting dry in Baton Rouge.

I hear that his cousin Will Y. Ablohmie from New Jersey has been contact with Hayward since the rescue and is relieved to hear He is ok.

Update: He made it on the Yahoo and MSNBC list as well.
(Hat Tip - Snopes)
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