Monday, September 19, 2005

Blogs For Bauer Challenge

Blogs for Bauer Challenge
List the top 5 features you would like to see included in the 24 video game.

Gamespot has the release date for the upcoming 24 video game as 1/1/2006, I think I might come down with a cold that week and will have to stay home from work. Here are the 5 features I would like to see in 24: The Game.

5. Torture and more Torture
-The game already has a feature where you can try and "break" a terrorist. They should expand on that and give you more options when you meet a bad guy who won't talk or looks funny. Hint: if you hit R1, L1, then X a midget will appear and kick the bad guy in the shins.

4. MiniGames
- I would like to see many minigames included in the 24 game. I have some suggestions like: Junkie Tony Almeida Needs a Score, Whack the Random Backup Agents, and Create an AllState Commercial.

3. My Dog
-If this dog does not strike fear in the bad guys, I don't know what will. While she has no outstanding quality that would help Jack Bauer, I think she's cute.

2. Co-brand with Nintendo
- That way they can have Jack partner up with the star of the NES hit Golgo 13, agent Duke Togo. Imagine the chicks they could get together, Jack and Duke. No more dead ladies or nerdy chicks with dead husbands.

1. A Hotter Kim Bauer
- just not going to cut it.