Sunday, September 04, 2005

Blogs For Bauer Challenge

A Blogs for Bauer Challenge

Who would you like to see on the next season of 24: Sean Astin or some other actor? What role would they play in the show?

To take a great TV show to the next level, producers need to do what other popular shows, movies, and Diddy does: steal talent from others. While Diddy had The Police to steal from, the producers of 24 can pick actors from any number of sources. Why not choose actors from one of the most classic films of 1985? I am not talking about Rambo: First Blood Part II or even The Toxic Avenger.

The producers of 24 would be wise to stock the show with Goonies actors. The Goonies had it all (good versus evil, love triangles, and betrayal), just like 24. Edgar, already on 24, played "Chunk" in Goonies and Sean Astin will soon join the cast as "Agent Mikey", a new CTU agent with an asthma problem and an eye for the ladies.

The next logical step would be to have Sloth join the cast as the lovable beast who loves Baby Ruth bars, ice cream, and dressing like Superman. Chunk and Sloth worked well together in Goonies, so they should team up again in 24 as fat, slow backup agents to Jack and Mikey. It worked against pirates, why not international terrorists?

Help me convince the producers to tap Sloth as the next member of CTU, by emailing them at

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