Thursday, August 04, 2005

With Leaders Like These....

While two NY City Council members are calling for use of criminal profiling in order to narrow the NYPD bag searches to reasonable targets, others are coming up with absurd ways of making us more open to an attack.

Councilman John Liu (D-Flushing) wants to force the NYPD to note the race of every person whom they search to create a log and identify any racial profiling that may be going on. This idea is moronic at best. The NYPD are already facing a lawsuit from the NYCLU, now they are going to have a "quota" on who they can search?

What if a police officer has already searched a person of a specific profile, only to see someone of the same profile who looks like they could be up to no good? Do you risk a lawsuit and/or getting fired to search them or do you let them go ahead because you cannot search another person of that description for another hour or two? With leaders like these, who needs enemies?