Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Tin Hat Tuesday: Al Qaeda's G-bomb

Crank Up the Gay-dar

The Weekly World News reports that an unnamed Al Qaeda insider has come to them with plans for Osama's next major attack. The terrorist organization has developed and plans to drop "gay bombs" that will detonate and any heterosexual man within 30 miles will instantly "bat for the other team". Their goal is not to slowly drain our gene pool, but to start a civil war between "gays and ultraconservatives".
The targets will be major cities, but the source admits that San Francisco will not need to be targeted.

Children will sob: "Why is Daddy moving the furniture and who is Judy Garland?"
In the meantime, a government insider has told WWN that Tom Ridge is working on an antidote for the gay bomb by becoming gay himself. One thing is for sure; our new terror alert system will involve more earth tones and will soon change colors with the season.

I smell a subplot for Jack and Tony for next season's 24.

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