Wednesday, August 17, 2005

This Day In Blog History....

January 14, 1990: Al Gore invented the blog
August 8, 2001: Instapundit is born. Heh!
August 17, 2004: GOP and the City is born , bringing all information about Jack Bauer, caption contests, conspiracy theories, and caption contests about conspiracy theories in one place.

To celebrate my birthday, some notable bloggers took me out to eat last night. I took a picture to prove that Michelle Malkin and Glenn Reynolds are not the same person. Basil wanted to eat at Hooters because he said the "wings" were good. It was a fun time, until Glenn got us kicked out for hitting on the waitress. I want to thank everyone who made it possible, it has been a fun year and it looks like politicians will give us plenty to blather about for another year.

Other posts of note
I plan to endorse Kerry in the 20005 election
While I have yet to have an Instalanch; I did have a post about a doll being kidnapped linked by a site in Spain, Peru, and Portugal.
Making fun of SAT prep essays was fun, especially one by a kid who incorporated the TV show Full House, war with China, and his buddy's party.
April Fools
Robots Eat Babies!
John Kerry is...

(linked on otb)