Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Scott Harper, your friends are stoopid

Scott Harper is the kid who got drunk and decided to jump off the upper deck of Yankee Stadium to see if the netting behind home plate would hold his weight. I posted that Harper should be sterilized, I created Anti-Harper t-shirts, and then to beat a dead horse, I also went to Yankee stadium and took pictures of the crime scene. Apparently my site has been at the top of Google and Yahoo searches on the subject and schoolmates of Scott have read the posts then added several comments on this site. The one below was posted the other day, I had to share it. Notice they misspelled "intelligent".

Your a dumb f%ck, have u ever met scott harper?? No!!!! So you have absolutely no clue what your talking about. He is actually an extremely intelligetn person, got a 1350 on his sats, holds a steady job as a busboy and his paying for his onw college. He could sue for defamation of character, which is what i believe he should do. Your a f%ckin idiot and should Keep youir dumbass mouth shut when talking on a subject that you know nothing about

The whole "defamation of character" statement caught my attention for a couple of reasons. First, I noticed they actually spelled it correctly. Second, I'm not a lawyer and wanted to know if calling someone an idiot on the internet could result in legal trouble.

I presented the issue to several bloggers. If there are any other legal-eagles out there, shoot me a comment on what you think.
RFTR - The best defense against defamation is "truth". The NY Post gets away with much similar headlines all the time (See - Butcher of Sagdad)

Rodney Dill - I haven't read what you said but if it was your opinion based on what he actually did (which most people would think is pretty stupid) I don't think he would have a case.

Confederate Yankee - To quote famed southern litigator F. Gump of Mobile, Alabama, "stupid is as stupid does."

Slant Point - You've probably called much bigger people similar things that could sue you more seriously (I was just kidding John Kerry)

Pat Curley - That is without a doubt one of the dumbest things I can imagine anybody doing. Maybe he did get 1350 on his boards, but he's got zero common sense.

So in conclusion: Scott Harper (idiot), The Man (not getting sued), and Scott's buddies (probably didn't do as well as Scott on the verbal portion of the SATs).

Update: RFTR suggested that a lawsuit would be the best way to get my first Instalanch. So I'm going to file legal papers to sue myself for defamation of Scott's character. Hello Glenn?